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Technology And Infrastructure

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Technology Auditing

WCGG provides an assessment of a client’s installed information technology resources. This assessment determines whether the resource is being utilized properly or not. We also assess the utilization procedures and determine whether the resource is fit for purpose. We also provide recommendations for augmentation of information technology resources and their integration into existing workflows and systems.

Technology Deployment

To meet our clients’ demands for new technology, we undertake technology projects by sourcing on their behalf by drawing on our reliable team of local and international technology partners.
We engineer requirements, develop and review functional specifications for an information technology resource meant for use in the oil and gas environment. We scope and customize knowledge base specifically for our clients’ operations as well.

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Technology Support and Maintenance

We have a team of experienced professionals who respond to all support enquiries. They can also function as administrators and manage information technology resources on behalf of our clients. We also coordinate supplementary external support to our clients, if the need arises.

Technology Decommissioning

We plan and execute decommissioning of information technology resources by employing the latest industry standards and in doing so we also manage the process to ensure that all external parties involved also adhere to agree upon procedures.

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Infrastructure Development Planning

WCGG provides consulting services for oil and gas infrastructure development for assets in environments like marine environments and for purposes such as storage.
We undertake feasibility studies for oil and gas related projects to determine the suitability and the siting of infrastructure.
We also plan projects and structure time lines for their execution. We also offer consulting services on engineering, procurement and construction contracts.

Infrastructure Development Management

We undertake engineering, procurement and construction contract tendering. We also provide project management services for oil and gas projects.

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