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Social Responsibility

At West Coast Gas Ghana Limited, Corporate Social Responsibility is a key component of our business and provides an avenue to give back to underserved communities. Giving is one of the best feelings in the world. The positive energy that comes with giving is contagious.


Through our benevolence, we have given the pupils of Sobella Basic School, hope for a better future and inspired them to also plant seeds of happiness through kindness. In 2018, we partnered with Global Aid for the Marginalized, a non-profit organization headquartered in Ghana to provide 200 school uniforms and other school supplies for the pupils of Sobella Basic School in Sisala, Upper West Region.

As part of our donation activities to Sobella Basic School, we treated the pupils and teachers to a refreshment of drinks and pastries. Their excitement reminded us that, there is more joy in giving to others.

Helping others and advancing economic growth are one and the same fight. Our efforts at Sobella Basic School have gone a long way to contribute to the global fight of alleviating poverty and improving standards of living.

Due to the lack of basic school needs of these children, we focused our resources on supporting the children with essential school supplies school bags, shoes, books, stationery and uniforms. We believe this will go a long way to give them access to quality education.

We felt a sense of fulfilment after the pupils changed into their new uniforms, bags and shoes. Our hearts blossomed with more joy as they expressed their gratitude.

Our donations to the pupils of Sobella Basic School have addressed some basic needs and improved the plight of these children. Though we believe our Corporate Social Responsibility is a key component of our business, we are self-inspired to provide communities with basic social amenities in order to improve their living standards.


Health workers provide vital services to the general public and it is important for all stakeholders to provide requisite infrastructure and medical equipment to ensure quality healthcare.

In 2019, WCGG donated medical equipment worth over GHS30, 000 to La General Community Hospital to improve healthcare delivery at the facility.

Our belief in implementing CSR projects that are geared towards improving our communities is a key motivator to the many initiatives we have undertaken. Through these efforts, we have contributed to improving the quality of healthcare at La General Community Hospital.

Items that were donated to the La Community General Hospital included but not limited to suction machines, oxygen concentrators, defibrillator, bed sheets, diagnostic kits, laryngoscopes, ophthalmoscope, BP apparatus and portable autoclave.

Upon delivery of donation items to La Community General Hospital, we were fulfilled to see the health officials beaming with smiles and filled with gratitude